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How to place an order

1. File Preparation For best results present your project in an electronic format. This will greatly enhance the quality of your finished product without risking degradation of sharpness, tones and cleanliness. It also streamlines our departments workflow bypassing the scanning criteria which improves the effficiency of our turn-around time. Also when designing a document please allow atleast one-quarter inch of a border on all printed sides unless it is a full bleed document. Finally whenever possible please paginate your pages to ensure its correct sequence.

2. Job Quote After preparing file you must obtain a Job Quote which are given in person or over the phone. Once you receive your Job Quote you must obtain a Purchase Order. Please follow the instructions for on-line Graphics Requisitions or note that it will be an Internal Funds payment.

3. Work Request The next step is to complete the Dept. of Graphics and Materials Production Work Request form # FM-0875. Instructions to assist you with this form are found here.

4. Submitting Job  Job orders may be brought in person or sent through our school mail but note this may lenghten it's turn-around time.


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