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Work order Instructions

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Instructions for completing a Graphics and Materials Production
Work Request Form #FM-0875

Item 1 GRAPHICS JOB NUMBER - this is a log number generated by our department to assist in job tracking
Item 2 REQUISITION # - this line is reserved for the Purchase Order number
Item 3 DATE REQUESTED - the date order is placed
Item 4 DATE REQUIRED - the date job must be completedItem 5 DEPT./SCHOOL - self explanatory
Item 6 APPROVED BY - signature of Aministrator/Dept. Head authorized to approve expenditures
Item 7 FUNDING STRUCTURE - department location and payment structure
Item 8 CONTACT PERSON - person who requests job
Item 9 PHONE NO. - self explanatory
Item 10 ROOM NO. - self explanatory
Item 11 TITLE - brief description of job type (i.e. letterhead, booklet, report, business card, etc.)
Item 12 FORM NO. - the FM number located on the bottom right corner generated by Forms Management
Item 13 NO. OF COPIES - total number of copies or sets required
Item 14 NO. OF SHEETS ONE SIDE - total number of sheets not pages to be printed one-sided
Item 15 NO. OF SHEETS TWO SIDES - total number of sheets not pages to be printed two-sided
Item 16 PAPER STOCK COLOR - paper color for main body of job
Item 17 COVER STOCK COLOR - cover paper color only
Item 18 INK COLOR(S) - specify color of ink(s) or full-color
Item 19 CARD STOCK - paper color and weight
Item 20 ENVELOPES - style plain or window, printed in minimum sets of 500 only
Item 21 CARBONLESS PAPER - NCR paper available in 2,3,4 and 5 parts, and requested in sets
Item 22 FINISHING OPTIONS - please include color for velo, tape, spiral and coil bindings
Item 23 OTHER INSTRUCTIONS - area where special needs are included such as dividers, tabs, etc.
Item 24 TOTAL COST - include total price from quote on this line
Item 25 GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT USE ONLY - Do not write in this area
Item 26 3-PART DESCRIPTION - please take the pink copy of the work request for your records

Work Order Instructions


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